By Adam Nichols

This past week I have been touching up on my design folio and X/HTML and CSS skills. These are two sites Ive been meaning to have a crack at re-designing for a while.

Large companies such as Cadbury and Disney will always seem so intriguing to me for their strong brand identities, color palettes and iconography. I also realised that they both have very similar style logos using handwritten signatures, as well as many older brands such as Coca-Cola and many more. Neither have ever changed and I dont think they ever will as they are not a product of the times such as many new logo designs of the modern era. Something which will stand the test of time and be synonymous with a long-running quality product. Proof of a solid brand perhaps?

Cadbury and Disney are both registered trademarks and these are for artistic license (non-profit) only. Redesign Redesign
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Sunday June 13 2010 12:00 AM


Warcraft Orc Logo Concept Design WIP

Artwork by Adam Nichols

Just something I whipped up today. I always loved warcraft, especially the Orcs.

I have a few freelance jobs keeping me busy for the next few weeks hopefully, other work is in the pipelines. The winds are changing.
Warcraft Orcs Logo design by Adam Nichols
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Friday June 04 2010 12:00 AM


Blade Kitten - Episodes 1 Will be out September 2010.

Coming to a XBox360, PS3 and PC near you published by no other then Atari.

For all those people waiting to see the latest (and 2nd last) full production Krome title I worked on please check out the DLC game Blade Kitten - Episode 1. The 2nd chapter will probably be another few months yet as its release is yet to be announced. So Stay Tuned folks!

Below are two environment concept pieces I painted for the project to visualise what the in-game environments would look like. These are remarkably close to the the final in-game screen shots. Every friday more artwork, screenshots and development snap shots are being release on both the Blade Kitten website and Blade Kitten Facebook Page.

Blade Kitten - Hollow Wish Markets

Blade Kitten Concept Art by Adam Nichols

Blade Kitten - Hollow Wish Tunnels

Blade Kitten Concept Art by Adam Nichols

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Thursday June 03 2010 4:30 PM


Those who know me know I also have a strong passion for design and have done for many years. In recent months I have not only designed and my girlfriends site (coming soon!) but also designed a few others shown below.

I have recently set myself the daily challenge of taking a popular brand identity such as google or coca-cola and redesigning their sites to be both easier to navigate as well as improving them visually. These are only a handful of the designs so far.

Coca-cola and Google are both registered trademarks and these are for artistic license (non-profit) only.

Coca-Cola redesign by Adam Nichols

Google redesign by Adam Nichols design by Adam Nichols redesign by Adam Nichols

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Thursday June 03 2010 3:20 PM


Commissions are now open! These are just a sample of some of the sketches I am offering for sale in a new section I will be adding to the website in the coming weeks. Each of these are drawn A4 and are for sale for only $25 USD plus shipping.


  • $25 - Signed A4 Head/Bust shot (clean pencils or shaded)
  • $100 - Signed A3 Full Figure (clean pencils or shaded)
  • $neg Original Tshirt Design (Price Negotiable)

Payment accepted through Paypal or Direct Bank Transfers only. Prices in USD.

Optional/Additional costs:

  • Inked $25
  • Each additional character +50% total price (negotiable)
  • Background +$75 (negotiable)
  • Digitally coloured +$50
  • Digitally painted +$75
  • Postage +$10-15 USD

For Commission purchasing or requests please contact us at:

Judge Dredd Sketch $25
Judge Dredd Sketch by Adam Nichols

Wolverine Sketch $25
Wolverine Sketch by Adam Nichols

Gambit Sketch $25
Gambit Sketch by Adam Nichols

Spiderman Sketch $25
Spiderman Sketch by Adam Nichols

God of War Sketch $25
God of War Sketch by Adam Nichols

Venom Sketch $25
Venom Sketch by Adam Nichols

Darth Vader Sketch $25
Darth Vader Sketch by Adam Nichols

Clone Trooper Sketch $25
Clone Trooper Sketch by Adam Nichols

Bobba Fett Sketch $25
Bobba Fett Sketch by Adam Nichols

Dr Strange Sketch $25
Dr Strange Sketch by Adam Nichols

The Thing Sketch $25
The Thing Sketch by Adam Nichols

Captain America Sketch $25
Captain America Sketch by Adam Nichols

Monkey Magic Sketch $25
Monkey Magic Sketch by Adam Nichols

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Thursday June 03 2010 12:00 AM


Just a quick update to let you all know that my Gallery is now updated to contain some of the more recent work from the projects I have been involved with between 2005-2009. Some of these include Star Wars - The Force Unleashed, Hellboy - The Science of Evil and also Clonewars - The Republic Heroes, which I was a Lead Concept Artist on.

All concept work, plus much much more is contained within each game as unlockable content for those interested in seeing more.

View the Gallery here.

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Sunday April 25 2010 1:06 AM


Another 2.35:1 super widescreen Environment I finished off last week. This one was an original composition, not from photo ref (other then for an initial starting palette.)

A few hours in 2 stints off and on.

Waterfall speed painting by Adam Nichols
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Saturday April 17 2010 4:15 PM


Environment Concept Artwork

By Adam Nichols. 1 Hour Each

Some 2.35:1 super widescreen environments I did during the week inspired by a mate of mine, Jeremy Love. All 3 were about an hour each from photo ref. Definitely an extremely powerful aspect ratio to work within.

Valley Concept Art by Adam Nichols

Volcano Concept Art by Adam Nichols

Egypt Concept Art by Adam Nichols
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Saturday March 13 2010 4:28 PM


Knight Portrait WIP Concept Art

Artwork by Adam Nichols - approx 2-3 hours

A quick character painting trying to emulate Vermeer's color and lighting palette.

Knight Portrait WIP By Adam Nichols
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Saturday March 13 2010 3:40 PM


30min Speedpainting Concept Artwork
Artwork by Adam Nichols

Tribute to Ubisoft Montreal and the fantastic creative team who made a sequel which was far superior to the original. I was a huge fan of the original but the sequel really stepped it up another notch.

Assassins Creed Speedpainting by Adam Nichols
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Saturday March 13 2010 3:50 AM